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Mark these dates on your calendar: October 12-13, 2024.   Angela Lane is leading a committee preparing for our 134th anniversary celebration.     Former Pastors Jay Warthen and Kevin Hicks will be here to lead worship on Sunday October 13, 2024.  We are working on plans for Saturday of that weekend as well.

More detail will be added as plans take shape.    If you have suggestions or questions, please contact Angela.

Share your Memories and Anecdotes

So many special moments have happened here at Vidalia Presbyterian, we want to include those in our Homecoming Celebration.  Do you have special memories, humorous anecdotes, and precious bonds with church family members? If it was a special moment for you, it probably was for someone else. Whether they are funny, sweet, or of days gone by, share those memories as we gather for our Homecoming by sending them to Elizabeth Killian Wilkes at or to the church office at  

Photos for Slide Show Requested

In preparation for Homecoming in October, we are creating a slide show. We kindly request that you peruse your collections and share any relevant images with us. Send your photos to or

In Search of VPC History — Can You Help?

As we prepare for our 134th anniversary with a Homecoming Event this October 12th and 13th, one project that is underway is the compilation of the history of Vidalia Presbyterian Church.   Vickie Mixon is heading up this effort. She has found a great resource that documents the history from 1890 until 1990.  However, the period between 1990 and now is without much documentation.  Can you help?  Do you have memories to share about the 1990’s and beyond at Vidalia Presbyterian?  Vicki is looking for information on the following:                                 

•    Regular activities at the church;          
•    Special events that took place;                                    
•    Changes in leadership during that period;     
•    Special projects taken on by the church or specific members;      
•    Anything else you remember and would like to share.   
•    Photos of anything VPC related would be greatly appreciated, too!

If you have any information or photos to share, please contact Vicki Mixon.  Or, you can reach out to Juanita in the church office to get the information to Vicki.  Call or email:  912-537-3500, or