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The Session

The governing body of a Presbyterian Church, USA (PCUSA), is called the Session.   Each local church determines the number of members who serve.  Members are elected to the Session by the Congregation.  VPC currently elects three members each year to serve a 3 year term so there will be a total of 9 active Session members.   There may be vacancies at times which will be filled in the next Congregational election.  

The Class of 2024

Cissy Alderman

Ben Davis

Angela Lane

The Class of 2025

Elizabeth Killian Wilkes

Angela Cloud

Glenn Goode

The Class of 2026

Karen Hilton

Michael Brand

Kyle Montford


Session Assignments

Clerk of the Session:   Cissy Alderman

Treasurer:     James Thompson

Building and Grounds:    Ben Davis

Christian Education:     Kelly Brand

Ministry and Mission:     Kyle Montford

Worship:     Angela Cloud

Stewardship:     Mike Walton