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School of the Laity

The School of the Laity equips the Layperson, Deacon, or Ruling Elder of a local church body with the tools and training needed to help and support the church in its ministry to the community.
The School of the Laity offered by The Savannah Presbytery, provides college-level courses that explore and explain the History of the Bible, The History, Governance, and Reformed Theology of the Presbyterian denomination, the importance of the Confessions and Holy Sacraments, and Congregational/Pastoral Care. 
Classes include a cohort that, when completed, will include recognition at the called meeting of the Presbytery in October. The classes are held three times a year: three days of classes in June and then two days in both October and March. The cohort cycle starts in June and is completed two years after the third June class.  You do not have to be part of the cohort to take a class. There are also electives that can be taken by anyone, whether they have completed the cohort or just want to learn more about the subject. 
Follow this link to learn more about the School of the Laity.

Michael’s experience:

When I started the School of the Laity, I was new to the Presbyterian Church. I did not understand what being Presbyterian meant. Through school I learned about Reformed Theology and Christian Doctrine. These courses fit my understanding of what being a Christian was and how we live it in our everyday life. Sharing this experience with the other people in my class, or cohort, created a very special bond between us. I now have several new, lifelong friends.

Kelly’s experience:

When I got married, I rejoined the church with my husband. Through discussions with my husband who had not been a member of a Presbyterian church, I discovered that while I knew what I believed, I could not explain why. I felt I needed to study more.  I was then asked to serve on the session. I felt I needed to learn more about the Presbyterian Church and why we believe what we do. It was reiterated that I needed to study more. 
Our pastor, Russell Gladding, told my husband and I about the School of the Laity. I decided to take the classes. This was still during Covid and there was a hybrid option available, and my husband and I decided to sign up for the class and attend via Zoom. We have a wonderful cohort and have made great friends. We have since started attending the classes in person, and while we are grateful for the hybrid option, we recommend attending in person so that you can fully experience the fellowship with the other class members. 
While the entire Bible in a weekend seemed like a daunting undertaking, our teacher was a master. I learned so much and enjoyed the whole time. All the other classes were just as informative, with wonderful conversations about our religious paths. Even though some of the topics weren’t exciting to think about prior to the class, every class was a delightful experience. If you decide to take just one class or complete the cohort, you will want to continue your learning after you attend. This has truly been one of the greatest experiences of my life.